Bordeaux Superieur: Best Value and Taste for Your Money

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Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of tasting a Bordeaux wine, but have you tried Bordeaux Superieur? As the name suggests, it’s a better, or shall we say more superior, version of the revered wines.

With this distinction on the label, it must meet certain high-quality standards that are set on an echelon above regular Bordeaux. That distinguished etching on the label of the wine you’re holding promises a better quality wine from the Bordeaux appellations. To be given this distinction, winemakers must age the wine in oak barrels for at least 12 months.

Other requirements include that the wines must have higher sugar levels than that of lesser quality wines. They must also come from vineyards that produce lower yields than that of generic Bordeaux AOC offerings. Another reason to go with Bordeaux Superieur is that it contains a naturally higher alcohol content. Regular Bordeaux must contain a minimum of 9.5% alcohol by volume while the Superieur version must have a minimum of 10% alcohol. Most of the Bordeaux Superieur wines you’ll find are all bottled on the estate, something that is not required for basic Bordeaux.

Due to the extensive size of the lands used to create Bordeaux Superieur wines, the soil quality can vary. The terroirs are most unique for this classification and the wines can be vastly different depending on the gravel, limestone, sand, clay, or any of these combined together.

Generally, only red wines get the notable Bordeaux Superieur label, however there are some white wines that can also earn this distinction. White Bordeaux Superieur wines are produced with Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Muscadelle, and Semillon.

There are many incredibly delightful Bordeaux Superieur wines to choose from that come at a great value. That’s because of the demand that has risen up from the millennials. Wine is being consumed with much more passion than ever before, and winemakers know that keeping prices on some of these offerings competitive results in more sales as well as creates loyal consumers who will purchase more high-end bottles from their vineyards too at some point.

Many of today’s wine drinkers aren’t put off by spending around $25 per bottle, and at that value, or even less, you can find a bottle of Bordeaux Superieur to enjoy with your dinner tonight. To find the best Bordeaux Superieur wines, read the fine print on the labeling. It should mention the winemaker’s name, showing the pride they take in their creation. Additionally, it can show you where the wine is from, and that could be the key to its lower price without compromise on taste. Some recommendations:

Plaisance Bordeaux Superieur

Comprised of 70% Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot rounding the rest out at 20% and 10%, respectively, this deeply purple-hued offering is elegant, ideal for serving with your best beef dishes. It’s best to decant it properly for an hour or so to get the full spectrum of its delightful flavors and aromas.

Chateau De Parenchere Bordeaux Superieur

A balanced and firm wine with rich berry flavors with a touch of smokiness, it is a wine that gets even better with age.

Chateau Saint-Michel Bordeaux Superieur

Cherries and spices add a fresh and beautiful aroma though the flavor of tobacco in this medium-bodied adds a notable spice. The texture is silky through the finish. It’s another elegant choice that begs to be served with outstanding cuisine.

If you are looking to start learning and drinking Bordeaux without breaking the bank, Bordeaux Superieur designated wines are the ideal lace to start and along with these mentioned producers there are many more that will give you tremendous quality to price ratio value. Try enjoying some Bordeaux today.

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