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Great California Viognier Producers

Great California Viognier Producers Over the years, California has grown to become the world’s largest producer of Viognier next to France. Viognier is a fragrant

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Food and Wine

California Zinfandel producers

Almost 90% of America’s wines are produced in California – so it is no wonder that some of the best wines and producers are in

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Food and Wine


Definition The French paradox is the manifestation of low coronary heart disease (CHD) death rates in spite of high intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated

Homemade red wine sangria with orange, apple, strawberry and ice in glass and pitcher
Food and Wine

The glorious Ice Wine of Niagara

Canadian Ice Wine Although Ice Wine originated in Germany, Canada’s climate has allowed them the successful and high-quality production of the wine – placing them

Red wine bottle and glass on table in vineyard Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Wine

Tuscany Red There are numerous varieties of red wines produced in Tuscany; we’ll go through a few of the very best of the best. Tuscany

Red wine
Eastern Europe

United Kingdom Current Wine Synopsis

The British wine industry focusses on four regions, English wine, Scottish wine, Welsh wine, and overall British wine. The UK is at the heart of

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Single Malts Whisky

Scottish whiskey and its regions. Scotland was traditionally divided into four regions as a country; they consisted of: The Highlands, The lowlands, The Isle of