Giuseppe Quintarelli and winemakers to follow in his footsteps

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couple of winemakers tasting red wine

The immediate connection made with Guiseppe Quintarelli is the idea of raw, quality, old-school wine.

Quintarelli was known for decades in the industry – which consisted of creating wines, labels and even corks that are of the highest quality. Everything he touched was made in complete perfection.
Guiseppe’s legacy set the benchmark for winemakers to follow – and set the standard for what wine from the Veneto region should be like.

In modern times, it has become the norm to release young wines without allowing the wines to develop to their full potential.

What Quintarelli did, was exhibit the importance of ageing wines thoroughly – and has proven time after time that those wines are beyond comparison. The wines from his estate were and still are, after all, considered some of the highest quality in Italy.

What Quintarelli had managed to prove – is that with patience, precision and a true passion for the craft, exquisite wine can be produced.

Although his wines carry quite a high price-tag, most would agree that the price is well worth the quality that is exhibited.

Considering the environment he grew up in, it stands without reason that Guiseppe’s eldest daughter would easily sustain what he had built after his death. In complete control of the wine production now, Florenza is one of the people to make waves in this region for the types of wine to be produced.

Even without her father, the range of wines produced here are still considered to be wines of the highest of excellence in the world of wine.

Her father and grandfather have managed to set the physical vines, as well as standards and traditions so well that she would just be able to continue the legacy effortlessly.

Other than Florenza, there are a number of other winemakers in Veneto who follow similar winemaking values in Veneto.

Among them is Stefano Inama, who grew up making wine with his father all his life.
Stefano’s family estate was blessed with unique volcanic soil, but their practices are what put their wine above the rest.

Stefano’s belief in organic and traditional wine practices, along with his belief in minimal intervention has made his wines one the most sought after. His views on wine consist of the importance of natural and traditional methods in a world where modern technology feels as though it has taken control. This is where the overlapping in both Guiseppe and Stefano’s practices shine through.

As Guiseppe Quintarelli was, Stefano is extremely humble concerning his wine – and focuses more on creating good wine than he is about declaring it. His wine, for instance, is organic – but he believes it is vital for creating wine and should not be a marketing tool. One might state that the highlight of the Inama wines’ philosophy is the emphasis on quality and naturalism above anything else – and thus the wines here are regarded so highly.

Considering these are the types of values that winemakers in Veneto are taken to heart it is no wonder that Veneto is such a popular wine region. Not only is the terroir from this region of spectacular in its ability for the wines to produce such quality, but so are the winemakers and their practices.

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